Pet Surgery

Expert surgical care for dogs and cats in Old Chatham, NY, prioritizing pet well-being and safety. Trust in our exceptional surgical expertise.

Bernese dog and bulldog
Vet wearing surgical gown and gloves

Dog and Cat Surgery in Old Chatham, NY

We know that just hearing the word “surgery” can cause stress and worry for pet owners, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Here at Wood Hill Veterinary Clinic, we offer a range of surgical services while keeping patient comfort and safety at the forefront. We also use the most advanced surgical practices to allow for the best results. From routine procedures like spaying and neutering to mass removal, our skilled veterinary surgeons can perform more than a dozen soft tissue surgical procedures right here in our clinic. We also rely on the services of Dr. Becky Stanclift, DVM, Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (DACVS), for orthopedic surgeries.

Surgery Expectations for Your Dog and Cat

The first thing you can expect before your pet’s surgery is peace of mind. When you schedule your pet’s appointment, we’ll give you pre-surgical instructions (fasting, etc.). Upon arrival, we’ll also address your questions and concerns while explaining the surgery and the benefits. If you have questions about anesthesia, pain management, or monitoring, we’ll be happy to answer those as well.

Before we begin your pet’s surgery, we’ll conduct a comprehensive wellness exam as well as pre-anesthetic blood testing. The results of these tests will either ensure that your pet is healthy enough for the procedure or reveal underlying health issues that need to be treated first.

All patients’ vital signs (heart rate, respiration, EKG, blood pressure, and pulse oximetry) are carefully monitored through every stage of surgery, including recovery. We also have a technician to monitor pets before, during, and after surgery.

Keeping Your Pet Comfortable

Pain management is one of our top priorities, whether with surgery or some other procedure, because your pet’s comfort is one of our top priorities. We provide safe, effective pain management to every pet that we treat. This extends to at-home care as well. When you come to pick your pet up after surgery, we’ll provide you with pain medication and post-operative care instructions so your pet will recover as quickly as possible.

Please give us a call at (518) 417-4254 if you have any questions about our pain management protocols or our pet surgery services. We’ll be happy to help.