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Animal Hospital in Old Chatham, NY Fulfilling the Needs of Pets

Here at Wood Hill Veterinary Clinic, we believe that the best pet care grows through a partnership between owner and veterinarian. We also believe this partnership should be based on trust. This philosophy influences everything we do for pets and their people, and we intend to uphold that philosophy. Our full-service animal hospital in Chatham is equipped to meet a wide range of all of your canine and feline companions’ needs, whether it’s medical, surgical, behavioral or dental. We proudly recommend and offer gold-standard medicine with all of our services. After all, isn’t that the kind of care you want for your pet?

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Our Animal Hospital’s Commitment to Our Pets and Our Community

Our animal hospital understanda the special bond that you and your pet share, and part of our mission is to nurture that bond. That’s why we’re dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventive health care, and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. Our commitment to pets involves ensuring they live long, happy, healthy lives in any way we can which includes our use of evidence-based medicine. We take time to involve every pet owner in making the best decision for their pet by considering the medical evidence, their special bond with the pet and everyone’s quality of life. We’re always happy to answer any questions.

But our love for pets isn’t limited to just the walls of our building. We’re very active in the community with our efforts to help both pets and people in need. We regularly contribute to local charities and participate in local school career development programs. From cuddly canines to fancy felines to students aspiring to be veterinarians, our goal is to impact lives, one pet and person at a time.

Veterinarian in Old Chatham, NY
April 27, 2017

For more than 20 years, my animals have been cared for at the Wood Hill Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Mike Delliere is now our vet. He's skillful and compassionate, from spaying my cat to euthanizing my aged lab no longer able to walk.

Veterinarians at Wood Hill Veterinary Clinic in Old Chatham, NY

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Please spend a few minutes to become more familiar with our animal hospital in Chatham by browsing through our website. You can meet our team, view our photo gallery, learn about our services, read our reviews, and more. Whether you’re new to the Columbia County area or just seeking a new vet for your pet, we hope you’ll consider Wood Hill Veterinary Clinic!