Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Near Stottville, NY

Veterinarian and animal hospital Stottville, NY

For skillful, heartfelt care that treats your pet as a unique individual who deserves nothing but the best, look to Wood Hill Veterinary Clinic located near Stottville, NY. As your veterinarian, we aim to build trust through clear and honest communication, thorough treatment, and a deep understanding of your pet’s personal needs. With full-service medicine that can support your companion through all their years of life, it is an honor for us to be here for them and keep them in the best of health for as long as possible.

Our animal hospital offers preventive care, diverse treatment options for illnesses and minor injuries, dental care, high-tech diagnostics, and skin care, too. Call us at (518) 392-6224 to request an appointment!

Find Out More About Our Veterinary Services for Pets in Stottville, NY

Dogs and cats are constantly growing and changing, and their care needs to keep pace with those changes. That’s why our animal hospital offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to their unique needs. These services include:

The Importance of Dental Care for Pets

Oral care isn’t just essential for humans; our dog and cat family members need it, too. When our pets reach adulthood, their oral health can start to decline. By age 3, most pets already have some form of dental disease! Luckily, dental disease and other associated problems, like gingivitis, can be prevented with the appropriate treatment. Daily teeth brushing and annual dental checkups (and routine teeth cleanings) are the most effective deterrent against dental disease.